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Welcome to Pediatric Dental Associates

At Pediatric Dental Associates we offer quality, convenient dental care for your infants, children and teens. Located at 13846 SW 56th Street, Miami, FL 33175, we provide most pediatric services including hygiene, extractions, sealants, crowns, and orthodontics. We accept most insurance plans and offer payment options to fit any budget. We serve the Miami community with convenient office hours. To contact us please call Pediatric Dental Associates or click here to book and appointment today.

New Patients Welcome!

Proper dental care is important at all ages. Good dental health requires that you take care of your teeth daily and have regular dental check ups. It is recommended that you receive regular professional dental check-up and cleaning. Call (855) 871-5453 or click here to book an appointment today!


Kids’ Dental Emergencies

While kids’ dental emergencies are a rare occurrence for the average family, if you find yourself in need of urgent dental care, you want assurance that your child is in the best possible hands. A pediatric dentist is equipped and trained to deal with all sorts of pediatric dental emergency situations. What is a Pediatric [...] Read more...


Healthy Smiles for Toddlers - A 9-Point Strategy

Tooth decay is one of the most prevalent diseases in children and teenagers. In fact, by the time they start kindergarten, more than 40 percent of children already have cavities. Fortunately, tooth decay in kids can be prevented with good oral care. As soon as baby teeth appear, it's time to start taking care of [...] Read more...

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