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3-Year Limited Warranty

3 year warranty

Our Practice prides itself on providing quality dental services to achieve optimal patient satisfaction and is pleased to extend the following 3-Year Limited Warranty:

  • If a dental implant, permanent crown, or permanent bridge placed by a provider at our Practice (the “Dental Device”), fails within the 3-year period from the date of initial placement due to improper fit or breakage during normal use, our Practice will repair or replace the Dental Device at no additional cost. This 3-Year Limited Warranty does not include repairs or replacements to the Dental Device due to neglect, accident, trauma, abuse, improper use, or preexisting conditions.
  • This 3-Year Limited Warranty lasts for three (3) years following the initial date that the Dental Device in question was first provided to you, the patient, and does not cover any claims that are made or arise after three (3) years following this initial date, and entitles you, the patient, to have the Dental Device repaired or replaced by our Practice. This is the sole and exclusive remedy. Our Practice shall not be liable for consequential damages or incidental damages resulting from the Dental Device or related services it provides.
  • This 3-Year Limited Warranty is null and void if: (i) the patient does not follow our Practice’s recommended treatment plan; (ii) the patient does not maintain the recommended schedule of regular recall appointments at our Practice (e.g. 3, 4, or 6 months as recommended by our Practice’s providers); (iii) the Dental Device needs to be removed due to a dental problem or repair to the supporting tooth/teeth, bone(s) and/or other tissue(s); (iv) the patient receives dental treatment at a dental office other than our Practice, with the exception of treatment referred elsewhere by our Practice; or (v) the patient’s account at our Practice is not in good standing. This 3-Year Limited Warranty does not apply to goods or services provided prior to ____, 2017.
  • You should contact our Practice at the contact information above for 3-Year Limited Warranty service or information.
  • If any provision of this 3-Year Limited Warranty shall be invalid or prohibited under applicable law, such provision shall be ineffective only to the extent of such prohibition or invalidity, without invalidating the remainder of such provision or the remaining provisions.
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