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National Gum Care Month in September

September is the perfect time to learn more about how to care for your gums properly and avoid gum disease. That’s because it has been deemed National Gum Care Month. During this month, dentists work hard to spread information about how to maintain healthy gums. Paying attention to your gums is important because gum disease continues to be a major…

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What to Expect with a Tooth Extraction

How do you feel when your dentist recommends a tooth extraction? This is probably the last thing you want to hear. No one wants to lose a tooth, and the thought of having it pulled sounds painful. Your dentist in Miamican explain the procedure to you, so you realize that it isn’t a painful, long process. Years ago, an extraction…

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Understanding Sensitive Teeth

Is drinking coffee or tea painful? Can you eat ice cream or something sour or sweet without feeling a sharp, stinging sensation? If you feel any pain or tingling, then you might have sensitive teeth. Although sensitive teeth are a common dental concern, they can cause a great deal of discomfort and affect your everyday life. Breathing in cold air…

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Prevent Cavities Using These Tips That Work for Everyone

Maintaining a healthy mouth is something that should be important to everyone. This includes not only preventing cavities but also keeping your gums healthy. That said, not everyone knows exactly how to prevent cavities. Most people think that simply brushing their teeth is enough to keep cavities at bay and their gums healthy. In truth, that’s just the start of…

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7 Ways the Pediatric Dentist Wants You to Protect Your Child’s Teeth

Children run a very high risk of tooth decay, which can lead to a lifetime of dental problems. Luckily, you can protect your child’s dental health with these seven simple steps. 1. Get the First Checkup by the First Birthday Dental experts strongly advise that children see a pediatric dentist for an initial dental exam no later than age one.…

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Today’s Dental Demand for a Kid-Friendly Pediatric Dentist

The role of the pediatric dentist has evolved from routine dental care provider into a personal dental partner who strives to deliver a comfortable dental experience and a greater understanding of dental health. As a result, a pediatric dentist in Miami is now just as concerned about offering a child a good dental experience as providing the best possible dental…

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A Parent’s Primer on Proper Infant Oral Care

Most parents are focused on their baby’s medical health, but it’s just as important to be aware of an infant’s dental health. Tending to infant oral care can improve a baby’s dental development and protect their dental health. Why Parents Must Be Prepared to Care for Their Infant’s Smile Many parents assume they don’t need to worry about pediatric dental…

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Ways to Make Trips to the Kids’ Dentist Easy and Enjoyable

Many kids are afraid to visit the dentist, but parents can reduce their fear by finding a fun pediatric dentistry practice. Discover simple tips to make your child’s dental visits a pleasure, instead of a pain.  Find a Fun and Friendly Kids’ Dentist Near You Parents must do their homework to find the right pediatric dentistry practice. It helps to…

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How to Take Care of Braces for Kids

Children with braces must protect them to avoid damage or disruption of treatment. But with these guidelines on proper wear and care, your child can get the most from their orthodontics treatment. Why Care is Critical for Braces To get the best results from braces, your child needs to take very good care of them. This translates to eating the…

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Why Every Child Needs Dental Sealants

Looking for a fast and easy way to protect your child from cavities? Discover the decay protection of dental sealants. The Demand for Dental Sealants Dental sealants are plastic coatings that are applied to the deep grooves of chewing surfaces of back teeth, which can be hard to clean with just a toothbrush. These tooth sealants form a barrier against…

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