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When you have uneven, crowded, or crooked teeth, you can get these misalignment problems corrected with braces. Such orthodontic treatment gradually pushes your teeth into the right place. As a result, it can help you chew better and enhance the structure of your face, giving you a straighter smile. Our dentists can tell you about your options.

Where Should Patients Go to Get Braces?

If you decide to get orthodontic treatment for misaligned teeth, you need to find a qualified dentist. After all, getting orthodontic devices for your teeth is a medical decision and requires a professional. Our dentists are qualified with training and experience to determine your treatment options and recommend the best one for your needs. We can also deal with any problems that occur.

When you arrive at our office, a braces dentist will ask questions about your dental and overall health and will conduct an oral exam. You can expect to get X-rays, pictures and an impression of your teeth in order for the dentist to recommend the best treatment and correctly attach your orthodontic devices. If your case is particularly difficult for us to treat, we can provide a referral to an orthodontist. Schedule a consultation to learn more.

How Are Braces Attached to Teeth?

No matter which bracket-based braces you choose, how the dentist puts them on is the same. The procedure starts with ensuring that your teeth are clean. Then, we’ll dry them before we apply a cement-like glue. Although it doesn’t taste good, the adhesive isn’t harmful. Next, the metal or ceramic brackets will be positioned on the glue before it dries. Finally, the dentist will put the wires in place and use elastic bands for stability. Contact our office for more information about the application process for braces in Miami.

Do Braces Come in Different Materials?

Our dental office offers a variety of orthodontic options in order to meet various needs. Let’s take a look at these different types of devices:

  • Metal braces — This traditional orthodontic treatment consists of metal wires and brackets. Because of that, they’re the most noticeable option. After decades of advancements, they’re much smaller and less noticeable than the initial versions. Also, you can get heat-activated wires to reduce the pain of moving your teeth into place.
  • Ceramic braces — These are the same size and shape as traditional devices, but they’re made with clear or tooth-colored brackets. The goal is to make them blend in with your teeth so that they aren’t as noticeable as their metal counterparts. On top of that, it’s possible to get tooth-colored wires. The downside is that they can stain if you don’t care for them properly.
  • Invisible braces — This orthodontic treatment doesn’t use brackets and wires. Instead, it involves wearing a series of custom-made, clear plastic aligners. Similar to mouthguards, the aligners are removable, replaced every two weeks and nearly invisible. The most common brand is Invisalign.

How Long Does Getting Braces Take?

How long it takes the dentist to apply your orthodontic device depends on the severity of your misalignment and the type of braces you choose. The whole procedure only takes two hours or less if you don’t need more than one appointment. You’ll require a second appointment if your molars are too crowded for the elastic bands to wrap around. In that case, the dentist will insert spacers in between the molars for you to wear for about one week.

After the procedure, you may feel discomfort or soreness in your mouth for a few hours. Your tongue and cheeks could become sensitive from rubbing on the wires and brackets. Also, you may have headaches for a few days. These issues are normal and should go away within a week. Give us a call if over-the-counter medicines don’t provide the relief that you need.

What Is the Price for Braces?

When it comes to orthodontic treatment, it’s only natural to wonder, “How much do braces cost?” However, there’s no set price. Your cost will depend on how much work your teeth need and your dental coverage. Another factor that affects the price is the type of treatment that you choose. Metal devices are cheaper than ceramic, while invisible aligners are the most costly. Fortunately, our office offers flexible financing so that you can better afford your treatment.

Are Retainers Required After Wearing Braces?

After one to three years of wearing braces, you can have them removed in about an hour. However, your teeth are likely to shift out of place without them. The reason is that your gums and jawbone and teeth always like to be in their original position. Wearing a customized retainer during this time can keep your teeth in their proper positions. Call us to learn more about retainers types and wearing one.

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