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Restorative treatment performed by a local dentist consists of repairing or replacing teeth that have been damaged via injury or severe decay. Damaged teeth can be fixed with the use of tooth fillings, tooth crowns and tooth bridges. Failing to address your dental issues can lead to a range of long-term dental and overall health issues. Our practice is home to dentists who can perform high-quality restoration work that will preserve your dental health.

 What Are Dental Fillings?

A tooth filling is a substance that is utilized in repairing a tooth that has become decayed. A filling returns a tooth to its original shape. When a filling is placed, a dentist first cleans out all of the decaying material inside of the tooth. The inside of the tooth is then thoroughly cleaned before the cavity is filled. Most fillings are made out of porcelain, gold or other substances. The filling will help to prevent the tooth from becoming further decayed and damaged.

 Can You Tell Me What Crowns and Bridges Are Used For?

Bridges and crowns for teeth are devices that are attached permanently to the teeth via the use of high-bond dental cement. These prosthetic appliances can only be removed by a dentist. If you have one or more missing teeth, your dentist may recommend a tooth bridge to replace them. A dental bridge is constructed with a row of pontic teeth that are attached to the teeth on each side of the gap created by your missing tooth or teeth. These devices are frequently supported by dental implants. Crowns are commonly referred to as “dental caps.” This is because they fit over a damaged tooth like a cap.

 Where Can I Go for a Filling, Crown or Bridge?

The best place to go for a dental filling, dental crown or dental bridge is to your local dentist. Once you have had a thorough oral examination, the dentist will know whether or not you need restorative treatment. If this type of treatment is needed, he or she will discuss your options with you. You will also be able to discuss what types of dental insurance your dentist accepts, as well as what kind of payment options are available.

 How Much Does a Filling, Dental Bridge or Tooth Crown Cost?

Since tooth fillings, bridges and crowns are customized to each patient, the cost that one patient will pay may be quite different than what another would pay. The substances used for the restoration, the placement of the appliance and the kind of coverage your dental insurance offers you will play a part in determining your final charges. A detailed estimate of the dental crown cost, dental bridge cost or tooth filling cost will be provided to you after your initial appointment with one of our dentists.

 What Kind of Materials Are Used to Make Fillings?

A tooth filling can be made from many different materials. Many people prefer to receive fillings that match the color of their natural teeth. Some of the most popular kinds of fillings are tooth-colored composite, silver amalgam, gold and porcelain. Your dentist will talk to you about what type of filling would best meet your unique dental needs.

 Are There Different Types of Crowns?

Just like a dental filling, a tooth crown can also be made out of many different kinds of materials. Popular materials for crowns include gold alloys, porcelain-fused-to-metal and ceramic. Most dentists use ceramic for front teeth and gold crowns for the back teeth.

 Are There Different Kinds of Bridges?

There are also different types of dental bridges available. Cantilever bridges are placed when a patient has adjacent teeth on only one side of the impacted area. Because of the way these bridges are constructed, they are typically not recommended for the back of your mouth. Traditional bridges require that a crown be placed on the implant or tooth that exists on either side of the impacted area. The pontic teeth are then placed between.

 Can You Tell Me What the Procedure for Getting a Crown Is Like?

The procedure for receiving a dental crown consists of a few steps. During your first visit, your tooth will be shaped and prepared by your dentist. A mold of your tooth will also be taken during this visit. This is an essential step as it ensures that your final crown will be custom fitted to your tooth. You will wear a temporary crown until the permanent one comes in. Your permanent crown will be cemented into place during your second visit. You can expect each step of the procedure to run between 30 minutes to an hour.

 What Happens During the Tooth Bridge Procedure?

The procedure for receiving a dental bridge usually takes two visits. If your case is a more complicated one, you may require additional visits to the office. The first portion of the procedure takes place in one visit. This is when the dentist prepares the abutment teeth by scraping off some of the enamel on the teeth. Your dentist will then prepare impressions of your teeth. These will be utilized in creating your permanent bridge and crowns. A temporary bridge will be placed until your permanent appliance is finished. At your next visit, the permanent bridge will be installed and adjusted.

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