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Payment Options

Have you delayed dental treatment because you can’t find affordable dental services? Now you can get the dental care you need because our practice makes an affordable dentist conveniently available to you. We want to provide each of our patients with affordable quality dental care, so we offer a wide variety of flexible payment options, discount plans, and exclusive special offers. To discover how we can make dental care easier to afford, call us today to schedule your appointment.

Flexible Financing Arrangements

Our dental team understand that high dental bills can put a major financial burden on your budget. To avoid needing to pay dental treatment costs all at once, you’ve probably wondered, “Why can’t there be a dentist near me that takes payments?” Well, now you can find a dentist with payment plans close by at our dental office. We can provide various types of dental payment plans with various financing terms that allow you to pay off dental costs over the course of many months. Call our dental practice to learn how our payment plans can help you. Continue reading

Most Dental Insurance Accepted

If the thought of expensive premiums has left you without dental insurance, you may want to consider a low cost dental insurance plan. This inexpensive dental insurance allows you save on the dental treatment you need to keep your smile in healthy condition. To help you enjoy a lifetime of dental wellbeing, our office accepts many affordable dental insurance plans. And you can depend on our office to file all of your claims and work together with your provider to get all of the benefits you’re entitled. We simply suggest that you speak to your policy provider to see if you should expect any copays, deductibles, or coverage limitations. Give our office a call if you have any insurance questions. Continue reading

Special Offers

Another way that our practice makes dental care more affordable is through our occasional special offers. These provide deals and discounts on many dental procedures. Our offers change throughout the year and may include new patient dental specials, general dental cleaning specials, discounts for uninsured patients, and deals on services not covered by insurance policies. Give our office a call to find out about special offers now available. Learn more about our special offers and discounts

Flexible Financing Arrangements

CareCredit health, wellness and beauty credit card for financing dental procedures

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Special Offers

We Accept Dental Insurance Plans

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